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Life Is Like A Video Game


Life is like a video game. Despite what your mother told you as a child, or still tells you, life is a lot like a video game. Here’s why.

1. You know you’re on the right part when they’re shooting at you.

One of the most frustrating parts of any action/shooter game is when you’re trying to find the correct way to go and there’s no enemies in your path.

How does this relate to life? Well, in life you’ll come across the kind of people who want to keep you in the “lost” zone. The zone where you don’t know what to do with your life. However, when you find the right road or path, these people will shoot you down relentlessly. This is just like when you find the right path in a video game and the enemies suddenly pop outta nowhere and start firing.

2. Life is full of useless, mindless drone-like people being controlled by larger “bosses”.

Most video games have those bad guys that don’t really seem to have much of a purpose in the real storyline or plot, besides providing you with target practice for the bigger fish you need to fry.

In life there are many people who are just there to hold you back. They don’t have much of a purpose themselves except living up to others’ dreams and expectations, and so they fail to understand why you should be allowed the right to be an individual, make your own choices and chase your own dreams.

And lastly…

3. The graphics are stunning.

🙂 Have a good one everybody! Hope I made you all think a bit.