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Gaining 1000 Fans In 50 Days: UPDATE


Howdy folks! I’ve been working on connecting with more people via SoundCloud! Check out my last post to see the challenge I set out to complete which will hopefully help me gain 1000 new fans in 50 days, and 17,300 in a year. It can work for you too.

So far I’ve sent out about 70 genuine messages and listened to tons of tracks from great artists on SoundCloud. My goal is to connect with these artists and give them feedback on their music.

So far, the response has been quite good, I’ve increased my followers on SoundCloud by about 30.

I’ve been getting a lot of plays and comments on my SoundCloud page as well, which is really awesome!

Keep checking back to find out more about how this venture is going!





There was a young man who said, “Though,
It seems that I know that I know,
What I would like to see,
Is the eye that sees me,
When I know that I know that I know.” ~ Alan Watts

Thinking about Thinking

One of the most fascinating, yet detrimental abilities human beings possess is the ability to think about our own thoughts. For some, this is proof of man’s intelligence and superiority over the animal kingdom, this self-consciousness. While this can be a great advantage and source of self-inquiry, I also believe most of the ills we face in life are due to our inability to STOP this incessant thinking about thinking. Much like your own eye, the more you can actually see it(cataracts), the less effectively it is really working. This clouding of thoughts interpreting thoughts can lead to confusion and mental blindness.

How often do we…

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Gaining 1000 New Fans In 50 Days


Howdy all you crazy diamonds! Hope everyone’s doing great. Besides listening to excessive amounts of Pink Floyd, recently I’ve been working on this cool project that will help me grow my fan base as a musician, and it can help you too!

Over the next several blog posts, I’ll be sharing my progress and giving you all helpful tips, so be sure to subscribe to my blog and check back frequently!

I encourage you to join in on this challenge with me, and let me know how you’re doing and if you need any tips.

Here’s the basic run down of what my goals are:

-1000 SoundCloud Followers
(currently 161)

-1000 Twitter Followers
(currently 503)

-At least 500 plays on each of my SoundCloud tracks

I plan to have this all hopefully completed by July 1st 2012.

What I plan to do to achieve this goal:

-Connect with 20 new SoundCloud users each day, listen to one or two of their tracks, post a genuine comment and send them a private message introducing myself.

The key here is that these must be genuine messages and comments, no spamming.

-Follow 10 new twitter users who I believe would be interested in my music each day, and message each one who follows back, introducing myself.

I encourage you to join in on this challenge with me, even if it takes you longer or shorter than July 1st. It’ll be a fun experience as we grow our fan bases and strive to achieve success. Happy dream chasing!

My SoundCloud: SatellitesAndStars On SoundCloud



A thousand miles away from shore
I just can’t take this life no more
All I ever wanted was a home
All this pressure can’t be real
I’ll be waiting on my wheels to break away and leave me standing still

But I’ll Drive till I can’t Drive no more
Then I’ll run till my feet miss the floor
I’ll say “man in the moon, you dare to fall?”
You’re wasting time on a planet shooting stars.

New Music From John Mayer


Been looking to hear from John Mayer for quite some time. He recently released a new song called Shadow Days to radio stations. Check it out here:

The song has alot of mystery and guess-work surrounding it, with many people referring to it as John Mayer`s attempt at a country song.

In my opinion, if this is what John was going for, it`s a good solid effort, and I certainly look forward to hearing his new album Born And Raised when it comes out later on this year.

Post your comments and thoughts about the song in the comments below, I look forward to reading what you all think! 🙂

Calm Before


Check out this awesome painting by a guy named Andy from The Mural Works. It’s an awesome painting which inspires me. It’s awesome because I find a certain beauty in the idea that such beauty can exist among chaos. Check out what Andy had to say about the painting, done on canvas:

“Calm Before” is a scene on the Snohomish River, just east of Everett, WA in a little town called Lowell. This part of the river meanders through a flat and marshy landscape, dotted with old farmsteads and abandoned buildings. The little yellow house see in this view on the far side of the river is one such property, overgrown and inaccessible. The name of the painting comes from the impending storm which is brewing in the background. At certain time of the year we see a lot of thunderstorms over the Cascade Mountains to the east and these can sometimes drift down into the lowlands. “Calm Before” relates to the deceptive stillness of the air and the river before the oncoming thunderstorm.

New York City Street Scene


New York street scene with New York taxi cab - drawings and paintings by Stephen Wiltshire MBE
New York Street Scene

Check out yet another picture by Stephen Wiltshire. Yes, I’ve been going crazy with posts about his work. He’s just that awesome.

Check out my previous post about Stephen: