Hey everyone! I haven’t blogged in a little bit. I do apologize for that, I’ve been extremely busy performing over the last few months. But now that school’s out, I’ve got a bit of extra time to just relax!

Yesterday, my kind kind uncle gave me a violin. I’ve spent the last several hours learning a bit, and I can play a few notes.

Another thing I have going on pertaining to music is that I’m working on not only a new album – but an entirely new sound. I’m listening to as much as I can so I can pull influences from many different genres.

I haven’t released a single or a demo in a few weeks. Why, you ask? Well, I suppose I’m stuck in the time period where albums were the primary source of music. I still view the album as the ultimate display of an artist’s artistic ability, and I will continue to make albums.

That being said, the fans do deserve a new tune, and so I will release a new one or two in the next few days! Keep your eyes peeled!

Keep groovin along to the rhythms of life, people! 🙂



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